A monthly update series for Fetal Centers on the Fetal Health Foundation’s Global Reach.  

We’re grateful for medical community worldwide that gives hope to young families.

The Fetal Health Foundation continues to grow as we raise awareness of fetal syndromes and help families experiencing these disorders.  In fact, our website experienced an overall increase in  20% growth in traffic between December 2015 and March 2016. On average, 6,000 to 7,000 people visit FetalHealthFoundation.org every month. Perhaps even more impressive is the 94% increase in global traffic the website has seen during the past five months.

Through the website we monitor the different conditions that bring visitors our site.  We also track which syndromes receive the most attention.

Fetal Syndromes in which there is Most Interest May 2016

  • TTTS
  • LUTO
  • Hydrops
  • TRAP Syndrome
  • Amniotic Band Syndrome
  • Dandy Walker Syndrome

Locations from which Patients Sought Information about Fetal Syndromes in May 2016

International Traffic By Region:

  • Northern Europe                               25%
  • Southern Africa                                  23%
  • Southeast Asia                                   11%
  • Australasia                                            7%
  • Western Asia                                         6%
  • Southern Africa                                    4%
  • Eastern Africa                                       3%
  • Eastern Europe                                    3%
  • South America                                     3%
  • Southern Europe                                 3%
  • Eastern Asia                                          2%
  • Northern Africa                                    2%
  • Western Africa                                      2%
  • Caribbean                                             1%
  • Central America                                   1%
  • Melanesia                                             1%
  • Central Asia                                          1%


Frequency of International Website Visits

Fetal Health Foundation

Growth in Average Daily Visits to FetalHealthFoundation.org Originating Outside North America


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