We support medical research to improve outcomes for fetal conditions.

Our 2018 grant award will not exceed $50,000. Applications are due September 14, 2018.

Brianna Marie Memorial Research Grant

The mission of the Brianna Marie Memorial Research Grant is to improve health outcomes for pregnancies and infants affected by various fetal syndromes, with particular interest to fetal lung syndromes such as fetal hydrops. By stimulating and supporting interdisciplinary research from within the maternal/fetal medicine field focused on fetal lung issues, the Research Grant will subsequently improve successful fetal development and the overall health of the newborn(s).

A portion of the Brianna Marie Memorial Grants was provided in honor of Izabel Grace Kaiser who became an angel on 11/28/2012. Izabel passed of fetal hydrops and is survived by her parents Julie and Jack Kaiser and her 5 brothers, Jaxon Coleman (15), Carson Coleman (13), Haydon Coleman (11), Greg Kaiser (21) and David Kaiser (19). Julie and Jack are also the proud foster parents of two little girls. Although Izabel is not with them here on earth she will live in their hearts forever. It is her family’s hope that more research can be done to better understand fetal hydrops and diseases associated with it to give more hope to families in the future.