This is for Austin and Avery. My name is Robin Murray, and my husband’s name is Dustin. We live in Colorado, and have a daughter named Ayla. We got married in January 2010, and had thoughts of having just one more child.
We got pregnant in April 2010 and in May 2010 we found out that we were having twins. We went home and celebrated. At our next appointment, my regualar OBGYN wanted me to go see a perinatologist to check for fetal diseases.
Our doctor told us to go home and wait for 2 weeks, then come back to see how far the disease had progressed. Within that two weeks, we had advanced from maybe having TTTS to being at the beginning of stage 2 TTTS.
We were told to get down to Houston to the Texas Fetal Center in order to have the ablation surgery. We got to Houston within 48 hours. We were diagnosed on August 5th 2010 and I was in the OR by 1:00 pm August 6th 2010. The surgery went well, and I was sent home with orders of bedrest, and to take it easy for the next few months. I was scared when I went into pre-term labor October 5th 2010.
I was given all of the medication to stop the labor, and was hospitalized until October 13th 2010, when my beautiful boys Austin and Avery were born. They were born at 27 weeks at 2lbs 6oz each. They are thriving in the NICU in the University of Colorado hospital in Aurora Colorado. They suffered no real medical problems, just the normal preemie things. I hope to have them home by Christmas. I am so excited for the many years to come with my boys. They are truly my miracle children!