We were diagnosed at 21 weeks gestation with HLHS (hypoplastic left heart syndrome), from a obgyn specialist. They referred us to Dallas Texas to the cardiologist specialist at the Childrens hospital. My first appointemnt was Wednesday, March 21st, where they found out my son also has IAS (intact atrial septum).

I am going to do everything I can to fight for my son. The cardiologist at Childrens in Dallas told us our only option would be in-utero surgery in Boston. So we have been awaiting an acceptance phone call from them. We finally got that call yesterday. I am a very healthy 22 year old with NO history of any kind of health problems. This is such a rollcoaster of emotions. We have to have the surgery within 30 weeks, and i am 26 weeks right now. I keep being reminded that my baby will always have health issues, and most likely a struggling life, but I cannot seem to consider anything but fighting through this. I am so angry right now with life. We really do not have the financial means to go with any of this, but I will do everything I possibly can.