My fiance and I found out at 7 weeks we would be having triplets!
Talk about shocked: we were told I couldn’t have any babies 2 years
prior. We automatically became high risk, as all triplet pregnancies are.
We had an ultrasound at 10 weeks, and found out that baby c had
died, we were terribly sad but still felt blessed. We countinued to have
ultrasounds every 2 week, at our 16 week ultrasound, we found out
that baby c had trap sequence. We were rushed to baylor in texas.
They had thought baby a and b had ttts and baby a and c had trap.
They spent around 6 hours doing ultrasounds and trying to figure out
what exactly was happening. At the end of the day, they decided baby
b has VCI, velementous cord insertion, and has a different placenta
than babies a and c. Babies a and c had a trap sequence, baby a being
the pump twin. The thing that made it so hard was we had a very rare
trap sequence, the drs. in baylor were baffled, they had never seen
one quite like ours. I’m still unsure why, I do know that baby c was a
full grown baby, the size of a 17 weeker. He had a full brain
developed, legs arms and was developing organs. Which I know is rare.
The stress on baby a’s heart was tremendous, and they had to perform
a rfa surgery. Luckily everything went very well! we now have
ultrasounds every weeks. Our babies are doing good, not great. Baby b
is in the 10th percentile, I’m 23 weeks and he is 13 ounces, baby a is
in the 24th, 1 pound and 3 ounces. The doctors have told us we will
make it through with 2 babies, however they will be born around 28
weeks. We are so blessed that we still have these two little angels, at
17 weeks they were telling us we’d be lucky to make it with one, and
now they are sure we will have 2! God has certainly blessed us, and we
really do have two miracles on the way!

And in a few weeks it will all be
worth it!