I wasn’t expecting a baby, certainly not twins. I’d taken “precautions”. But here I was, and moving from Colorado to Tampa, Florida at 20wks to boot. A few weeks later, I stopped feeling “Baby B” move, it was my husband’s 1st day of his new job. The staff at hospital triage assured me it was so early, I was fine. Off to ultrasound at my insistence. The tech put the wand on my tummy & walked out of the room, coming back with head of MFM.

At 5pm on Friday, the doctor told me I was in luck, and I had no idea how much. She worked closely with Dr. Quintero when he was at USF though he was at Jackson Miami now. The doctor, this important MFM head doctor was on her phone calling to get me into surgery.

Baby B, the donor had almost no visible bladder. He had almost no measurable fluid. I was assured they’d get me to see Dr. Q. On Monday, I was told to take off for Miami, my case worker for insurance had spoken with USF and though I didn’t have approval, I was to leave Tuesday morning and she’d make sure I’d get it. I left alone. I arrived literally 20 minutes after getting approval, went for my ultrasound, Baby B, no bladder, heartbeat slowing compared to Baby A – just after the ultrasound, Dr. Q’s tech was trying to get me comfortable & I told her something is wrong, she’d stayed late to do my ultrasound. She RAN me to triage and stayed a few more minutes making sure I got care and hugged me. I was so large, measuring 41 weeks, my body thought I was ready for labor I suppose.

I went into labor and got the fun mag bag. I made it through the night, Dr. Q bumped me to first in line as the AM ultrasound showed me entering stage 4. I was not given fairy dust, I was told realistically there was about a 10% chance of both twins survival. I got wheeled around to the OR, with Dr. Q putting his hand on my shoulder telling me he was going to do everything he could and he’d let me see my baby’s face when he was done. The surgery started and I was trying to keep from panicking. His staff talked to me, reassured me through the procedure and then, the amazing camera view – my baby’s face. I couldn’t see Baby B, he was saran wrapped but Baby A, I saw MY lips and MY cheeks and vowed I’d do everything I had to and began to pray. 2 liters of fluid (a giant pop bottle!) were drained away from Baby A.

Then, time to wait. 24 hours. Mostly alone, but his staff came in, though they didn’t have to, to check on me since I didn’t have anyone with me. The next day ultrasound, as the wand goes on, the heart rate goes up. Waiting for one heartbeat, just one – and then the thump thump thump of Baby A, now it was time to find Baby B, the one who was close to not making it. It seemed an eternity until I heard… “thump thump thump”. They BOTH survived! Baby A’s blood flow was returning to normal, Baby B had a bladder already! I had to stay an extra few days though because I was dilated and so far from home, Dr. Q came in and sat with me for a little bit, answering all my questions, answering random questions and talking about my life.

I got my clearance to leave and headed home. USF would take over weekly ultrasounds. Every week, they’d tell me they’d schedule me but I wouldn’t make it. I even got the steroid shots because they weren’t hopeful. Week after week, I would show up, still pregnant – to the amazement of even the MFM head doctor who stopped to check on me during one appointment when she’d heard I was there.

Week 36, I was given the clear they would induce me the night of Week 37. I got prepped for the hospital, and literally, that day, January 17th, 2011 – I went into labor. By the time I got settled in about about 9pm, I was already 6cm. I delivered in the OR, Noah (he was recipient treading water, means “rest”) at 11:37pm at 5lbs. 10oz. I delivered Nicholys (victory of the people, Patron Saint of Children) at 11:41pm at 5lbs, 9oz. So healthy, I was able to leave 36 hours later.