When it finally happened we were so excited.  At our first ultrasound appointment we were told we were having twins.  We were shocked.  I was asked to come back two weeks later.  The next ultrasound took a little longer than the first and my husband and I were starting to get worried until the doctor  looked at us and said with a smile “ I have something interesting to tell you”.  Jokingly I said, don’t tell me there’s another one?  Triplets.  Are we dreaming?  It had just sunk in that there was two, now we were looking at three heartbeat.  It’s amazing how you can fall so completely in love with a sound and a picture on the screen.

 There was a set of identicals and one fraternal.  I was seeing the high risk doctors frequently and at 16 weeks the doctor started talking about the possibility of Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome.  I was asked to return a week later to follow up.  At this point Baby A wasn’t responding like he had at previous visits and his bladder was not as visible as it should have been.  The fluid for Baby B was starting to increase and so was the size of his heart. We were referred to Miami to see Dr. Quintero. The staff at Miami was very helpful and positive.  They decided to see me 6 days later.  I was given the name and website for Fetal Hope and talked to Georgi and Lonnie.  They were amazing and so helpful.  Both emailed me with information and positive thoughts and prayers.

As we were seen in Miami an ultrasound was done and Dr Quintero came in the room to tell us the worst news we could possible hear.  We had lost both of the twins. It had progressed faster than anyone had thought.  I was told that I would have to carry them because it would be safer for Baby C.  We were devastated, but knew we had to be strong and keep going for his sake.  When we got home I still saw the high risk doctors as a precaution.

At 24 weeks and 5 days I started bleeding.  Of course we thought we were losing Baby C.  When the doctor examined me things looked good with him.  I stayed over night just to be on the safe side.  At 4:30am I started having contractions and they were getting more frequent.  My water broke and the doctor believed it was from the twins.  That morning at 24 weeks and 6 days the twins were delivered one by one and we prayed that Georgie (Baby C) would not be following.  All the emotions of losing the twins, which we named Giovanni and Jordan, came flooding back.  I was given steroids for Georgie’s lungs and was told to pray that we could hold him off 48 hours so that it could start working.  The doctors and nurses worked frantically to slow things down.  I was told the likelihood  of me carrying him two more days were slim.  We made it the two days, then 1 week, 1 month and finally 10 weeks later Georgios Max was delivered at 35 weeks healthy and happy.  Our miracle boy.  Our little survivor.

We are so thankful there is an organization like Fetal Hope.  They are fighting and pushing for more research on fetal syndromes, that affect thousands of families every year.  They are a great support when you feel you are alone or need a sympathetic ear.

The Kypreos Family