Our Ft. Worth Mom’s of Multiple’s Group helped us find your web-site…and through this, we have restored hope.

We welcome any advice and guidance you wish to pass on to us through this emotional roller coaster ride.

Until last week, we were having an easy identical twin pregnancy without any complications.  At 24 weeks, last Tuesday, we received some news that was a little unexpected and a little shocking for the two of us to hear. After Monday’s good visit to the doctor, Denae was put on steroids in order to help out the babies development and another drug called procardia in order to reduce uterine activity due to the fact that her cervix was beginning to shorten (the shorter the cervix, the closer to babies and at this stage of the pregnancy, that is not good).  She was also put on strict bed rest 11-16.  Tuesday, we saw funneling of the cervix which means that she was experiencing pre-term labor. This was not the biggest of concerns that we had though.  Denae and I went in for a full fetal growth scan of the girls to determine their weights, their size and how they were developing. After the doctor completed his measurements and diagnosis, it was determined that their organs have developed well and they are very active, but one of the girls is quite a bit smaller than the other. One is 13 oz and the other is 21 oz. At this time, they have ruled out TTTS because their amniotic fluids looked to be about the same as well as both of their bladders and kidneys (both were looking great).
Denae is 24 weeks gestational age as of 11-23-2010 and due to the large difference in size and the fact that the 13 oz girl is in the 6th percentile for her size for her age it is of great concern to us. The doctor explained to us that this is called Selective Intrauterine Growth Restriction (SIUGR).

With all that could happen, there is still a lot that can happen….We need a lot of prayers for the girls and mom so that we keep those babies baking for as long as we can. The longer they stay inside, the better they can develop and the more they will weigh.  BUT they are so concerned about the blood flow to the smaller baby.  This can get worse but we are hoping for a miracle. Yesterday was a roller coaster and we can probably expect a few more like this before they come, but we’ll go through this a hundred times if it means the girls come out healthy. Denae is doing well, but has been as anxious as I have been . We will keep this in God’s hands and pray for the best and in the mean time, learn as much as we can about what’s going on inside that little belly of hers.

We have another appointment on Sat. to check everything again with a full Doppler scan to check their blood flow, etc.  Our High Risk Dr. plans to admit Denae to the hospital at 26 weeks for monitoring until the twins are healthy enough to be born.  We hope to meet with the neonatologists on Sat. as well.

Thanks in advance to any of you out there that are able to provide support or advice in our current situation.  We are forever grateful.