Curing Spina Bifida

Growing up in the 1960’s, Dr. Diana Farmer’s mother taught Sunday school for disabled children where she first met children who had spina bifida.
“It was a really crummy disease,” Farmer said. Dr. Farmer is now leading innovative research, which holds promise of saving lives and lifetimes.

VIDEO: Fetal Surgery to Treat Paralysis Associated with Spina Bifida

In the video she discusses the improvements that resulted from the initial fetal surgeries, including a reduction in the need for shunts.  She now believes that with the latest breakthroughs involving fetal surgery and stem cells that the paralysis associated with spina bifida will be cured in her lifetime.

Why We’re So Excited About The Latest Advances in Fetal Medicine

When my wife and I received the news that our baby girls had Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome, we were devastated. That was 15 years ago and there weren’t a lot of options or resources available for those diagnosed with a fetal syndrome. Fortunately for us, we...


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