A Big Thank You!

We'd like to thank the Chameleon John team for their generous donation. ChameleonJohn is on a mission to help people save money on their online purchases. After having saved money for tens of thousands of consumers, they decided to take their mission one step further....

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Ten Sweet Reasons to Be Part of the Great Candy Run

The Great Candy Run comes to Minneapolis October 14th, and Denver November 12, 2017. If the idea of a candy-themed race isn't temptation enough for you, here are ten reasons to join us for the Fetal Health Foundation's flagship benefit event. 10.  Kid will love...

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A search of the literature has not produced any cases of fetal hydrops associated with an inadvertent HSG in the early first trimester.

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Medical Report: Summary for L.S.

L.S. originally presented at 42 years of age G-1, P1001, with an over one-year history of secondary infertility. L.S. and P.R. conceived their first child without delay and delivered via Caesarean section nearly 3 years prior. This delivery was complicated by post-partum hemorrhage and retained placental fragments requiring an emergent dilation and curettage (D&C). Her recovery after this intervention was unremarkable. She nursed for 1 year and had return of regular cyclic menses after weaning.

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