The Fetal Health Foundation is pleased to spread the word about Miracle Flights.  This terrific nonprofit organization also dedicated to families offers resources to families for whom travel for medical reasons can make a miracle possible. We’re happy to have them as a resource.

Miracle Flights is the nation’s leading nonprofit health and welfare flight organization. They help fly children who are suffering with life-threating cancers and debilitating diseases including fetal syndromes to specialized medical treatment centers across the U.S. Any child needing distant care for treatment or follow-up, or seeking out a second opinion is eligible to apply for a Miracle Flights. Flight assistance includes domestic and international travel for the patient and parent(s), as well as for service dog training and retrieval. For more information please visit or call (702) 261-0494



If you are looking for other resources after a fetal syndrome diagnosis, or even just want to communicate with people who been there, please contact us.