The 2015 Brianna Marie grant was awarded to Dr. Jena Miller at the Johns Hopkins Center for Fetal Therapy.  She’s pictured above with the rest of the JHU research team: Ahmet Baschat, MD, Ethan Nyberg, graduate student, and Warren Grayson, PhD

Imagine how difficult it is to plan for and perform open fetal surgery when you cannot physically examine the patient, a fetus. Examinations are all done from imaging, and mostly ultrasound. In the medical field, there are applications to map out tumors, etc. by using MRI and CT, but they are expensive. Ultrasound, in comparison, is inexpensive. The goal with this project is that by looking at a baby with Spina Bifida with ultrasound, the algorithms we create can then be used to generate a 3D printed model of the fetus and its anomaly. Surgeons will then have an exact, three dimensional model to use in planning and during the operation. The model will reduce risk and complications. Additional uses for an ultrasound based 3D model are numerous: treatment of many fetal anomalies that can be enhanced by 3D printed models.



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