Hydrops fetalis is a serious condition that affects about 1 in 1,700 pregnancies. For many families, answers about why this condition occurs have been in short supply because the cause is often not identified through standard testing.

UCSF’s Hydrops Center of Excellence is dedicated to diagnosing and treating hydrops fetalis. Their comprehensive approach – which includes a thorough evaluation to understand why it occurs and detailed imaging and genomic sequencing – can determine the cause in many unexplained cases. In fact, while standard testing identifies a genetic explanation for non‑immune hydrops fetalis in only about 25 percent of patients, UCSF genomic evaluations find the cause in an additional one‑third of unsolved cases.

Their multidisciplinary team – part of UCSF’s Fetal Treatment Center – has decades of experience in prenatal and neonatal care for hydrops fetalis and offers cutting-edge genomic testing, fetal imaging, comprehensive prenatal and neonatal care, and access to both standards of care and novel in‑utero treatments.

View and download the UCSF Hydrops Center of Excellence fact sheet to learn more.