We’re thrilled to announce our new magazine!

Connexions is published annually by the Fetal Health Foundation in order to bring together the many realms surrounding a fetal syndrome diagnosis.

The magazine connects doctors and fetal centers, updating them on the latest treatment options available, research being conducted, and even research grant opportunities to help further their mission.

This new publication connects families to hope with answers to burning questions and help in seeking proper diagnosis and life-saving treatment. Connexions addresses the complexities of fetal syndrome diagnoses and high-risk pregnancies, and provides information on where to turn for support.

Here’s some of what you’ll find inside our first issue:

  • 10 things to do after a fetal diagnosis
  • Tips for working out safely during pregnancy
  • Ways to manage a NICU experience
  • Pregnancy fashion and nutrition hints
  • Thoughts on grieving the loss of an infant
  • Reasons why research grants are so important

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