The Fetal Health Foundation (FHF) and maternal fetal centers and specialists across the country will celebrate the first annual Fetal Syndrome Awareness Month in August. Several planned activities throughout the month will raise awareness of the 4,000+ known fetal syndromes, offer hope to families diagnosed with a fetal syndrome and honor angels lost to a fetal syndrome.

Fetal Syndrome Awareness Month is a national campaign.



August 19-25, 2019: Hope=Life, Virtual Remembrance Event
Registrants will receive a t-shirt prior to the week of August 19th and then plan individual remembrance/awareness events (i.e. a run/walk, balloon release, candle lighting ceremony). Photos of each celebration will be shared via social media with the hashtag, #HopeEqualsLife.  Registration is $35, with a discount for groups of 4+

Survivor stories
Throughout August, FHF will feature stories of fetal syndrome survivors via the website and social media. In addition, a special survivor t-shirt will be available for $20 and families will be encouraged to share their stories and offer hope to others. Share your story online.

Honoring angels
Fetal Syndrome Awareness Month provides families who have experienced a loss another opportunity to honor their angels. Butterfly pins, symbolizing hope and new life, will be available to these families. For those that wish, FHF will share their angel stories via social media. Purchase pins here or share your angel stories.


Fetal Syndrome Awareness Month was developed in order to provide awareness of the 4,000+ fetal syndromes that have been identified and encourage conversations. Fetal syndromes claim the lives of 200 babies each day. The field of fetal medicine has experienced rapid growth in the past 20 years and new life-saving treatments and surgeries are constantly being researched and tested. Sadly, many families and general practitioners remain unaware of the options available for babies diagnosed with a fetal syndrome. The focus of Fetal Syndrome Awareness Month is to raise awareness of the syndromes and available treatments so that families who receive a fetal syndrome diagnosis have hope.



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