One unique opportunity I have as a co-founder of the Fetal Health Foundation is the opportunity to be in touch with doctors who are making great strides in fetal medicine. Parents come to us to help find the newest treatment options, and hope for their unborn babies.

When progress is made, we are all the more pleased to be able to share the news.

Dr. Courtney Stevenson, the Director of the Charlotte Fetal Care Center recently contacted me about their latest progress in managing Twin-Reversed Arterial Perfusion (TRAP) sequence.

In a pregnancy with TRAP, a healthy twin is endangered by the demands of an acardiac mass, and up until now the connection between the twins was severed using Radio Frequency Ablation (RFA). This use of electricity means some heat is involved, which can cause damage to tissue nearby.

Dr. Stephenson’s team finds that the use of Microwave (MW) minimizes the heat and is more efficient at cauterizing the tissue.

The team recently shared their findings in the following paper

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