Read ReportFetal Health Foundation impact report 2019

Since 2006, the Fetal Health Foundation has been shaped by the growing need for support for patient families facing a fetal syndrome diagnosis. 

At that juncture, the fetal maternal health community was still relatively new, yet it was clear that patient families needed hope in the form of answers and medically-sound second opinions, with few places to turn.

In 2019, the Foundation experienced some changes to help it continue to support the fetal maternal health community and patient families. 

If you didn’t notice a change, then we did our jobs well. The Foundation reached a new milestone on social media, reaching more than 135,000 people and engaging more than 21,000.

That level of reach meets the organization’s goal to increase awareness around the globe, leading to more patient families having access to fetal syndrome information and getting help when needed.

Whether you’re new to the Foundation or have been with us from the start, thank you. 

We ask that you continue to support us and thus, the patient families and fetal research, in any way you can. We invite you to review the following report from the past year to see the impact we are able to have on and within the fetal maternal health community because of supporters just like you.

Help us give hope and make parent’s dreams of becoming a family a reality.

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