I was one day away from being 35 weeks. I had felt movement from my son becoming less and less in the prior days. I thought he was growing and running out of room. I had grown quite a bit in the last month. I was very uncomfortable and just felt “wrong” and different than I did with my 1st son. I kept telling people how this last of pregnancy was so “different”.

I ate ice cream and thought for sure this would make him move… No movement. The next morning after some thought I decided to call Labor and Delivery. They advised me to come in and have a Stress Test. I went in and they hooked me up and there was his heartbeat.

They decided to hook me up with an IV and decided to do an Ultrasound. I knew something was wrong when the Ultrasound tech got really quiet. In my gut I knew something was wrong. Less than 10 minutes after my Ultrasound the doctor rushed in and told me they had to do an emergency c section NOW. The baby had fluid around his lungs and heart and might possibly NOT survive…. This I thought at the time was the worst thing that could happen! They prepped me for my c section and were possibly going to send me to San Francisco. As they called SF to see if they were going to send me there my sons heart rate kept dropping dramatically as did mine. They had to do the c section ASAP. They did my c section and it took 20 minutes apparently to revive my son. (which I had no clue at the time) My son was given very low chance of life.
They transferred us to the WalnutCreek Kaiser that night. I didn’t get to see my son that night. For the next 2 days they did everything possible for my son. He was at the max limit for drugs and the respirator. His heart rate had dropped so low at times that his poor little face was blue and I thought he was leaving us. The doctors gave us the option of stopping intervention. I could not pull the plug on my son…. It was not something I was prepared to live with for the rest of my life. My family and I decided to head down to the chapel to pray about it. By the time we got to the chapel a nurse came running and told us to get back up to the NICU. By the time I got there they were performing CPR trying to resuscitate him. I knew he was already gone and the CPR was just hurting him… We told them to stop. My son made the decision to go to heaven so we did not have to.
We still have NO IDEA why he contracted Hydrops. Tests are still being done and no conclusive answers. I do not think I will ever find out why. I had an Ultrasound less than one month prior to his birth because I measured so big. They did not find anything wrong. They told me he was just a BIG BOY. My son was such a poor sick baby. At 5 weeks early he weighed 9 lbs 2.7 oz. and 21 inches long.  That is 4-5 lbs of fluid alone in his poor little body!! He was just too sick. He was too beautiful for this world. He is truly an angel. I had a crazy glow the whole time I was pregnant with him. I was carrying an angel.
Rest in Peace my Angel baby Wyatt Nathaniel 1/27/11-1/29/11 I will always remember you…..