The Fetal Health Foundation is pleased to introduce its award-winning 2020 Connexions magazine, full of updates around fetal research, how our maternal fetal partners are improving outcomes for patient families with conditions such as spina bifida, IUGR and tetralogy of fallot, as well as learning more about PCOS and pregnancy, or the importance around birth photography. The issue is also full of parenting topics around being pampered throughout pregnancy, things to do before baby arrives, some of the best apps for first-time parents, and the notion of making a house a home. We hope that you will learn something new, find a little hope along your pregnancy journey, or know where to point a patient family should they be facing a fetal syndrome diagnosis and need a little education and support.

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The Fetal Health Foundation is a parent-founded non profit dedicated to giving hope to families who are experiencing a fetal syndrome diagnosis.  If you are, or if you know someone who is, please reach out to us. We’ve been there.