Dalia EL-Prince served as the Executive Director of the Fetal Health Foundation.

Recently I joined the Fetal Health Foundation to offer hope to unborn babies and help families who are faced with the loss of their child during pregnancy or after delivery.

Though I haven’t for many years, in the course of our work, I now privately tell my story of loss. Here’s what I hear:

“She’s a strong woman”

“She shared her story”

“She’s opening up to everyone about her loss. How strong!”

I guess those sentiments are true. But what about the silent griever? Aren’t those who don’t share their story strong?

For 13 years, I ached in silence.

But I was, and I am a strong woman. I did not open up to the world, but I made it through.
I can tell you that anyone who has lost their baby and gets up the next day is Strong.

People who grieve silently, I see you.

Maybe you sit in silence. Or maybe you smile and talk in a room full of people about everything but your loss. You encounter people who don’t know your story, and you smile and give them hope when they share their personal loss and sadness. You get up and face the world every day. You go on, but you don’t forget the loss.

Silent grievers, we don’t hear from you. We don’t know your stories.

But we know one thing.

You are strong.

Much love to all…



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