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Whether it’s your first or fifth pregnancy, this is a special time.

It is crucial to carefully consider what you are eating and make sure you are on a healthy balanced diet throughout your pregnancy.
While you may have to cut out some foods for nine months, some are okay in small amounts.

Go easy on the coffee.

Consuming a lot of caffeine during pregnancy- more than a cup of coffee a day- can significantly lower the birth weight of your fetus.
During all three semesters, it is advisable to avoid taking caffeine while you are pregnant because it has also been linked to miscarriages.

Be Careful with Soft or Raw Milk Cheeses
Don’t we all love cheese! Unfortunately, now that you are expectant, you are going to have to avoid any soft blue-veined cheese. These cheeses use a mold that contains listeria bacteria. This bacteria causes listeriosis and other infections. Other cheeses to be avoided include brie, queso fresco, and feta unless they have a label noting that they are made from pasteurized dairy product.

Cook Eggs Thoroughly

Women who loved their eggs sunny side up will have to make sure that the eggs are thoroughly cooked. Raw or uncooked eggs can cause food poisoning.

This extends to lovers of homemade or fresh mayonnaise, as well. Because fresh mayonnaise also contains raw eggs, you are going to have to either avoid it or settle for eggless mayo. (Note: Commercial mayonnaise, dressing, and sauces contain pasteurized eggs that are safe to eat.)

Choose Fish Carefully
Fish should be eaten during pregnancy, but pregnant women need to keep a safe distance from certain kinds of fish. For the following nine months, you should avoid eating certain types of fish like tilefish, tuna, swordfish, and shark. Learn more about which fish are safe to eat

Cook Meat Thoroughly
If you have to cook the meat and make sure there are thoroughly cooked, no blood or pink left — apologies to the medium-rare meat lovers.

Pasteurized Dairy Products Only
If you only have access to raw milk, make sure you boil the milk before drinking. Raw goat and sheep milk are also sources of contamination, so make sure they are also pasteurized.

Pregnant women should avoid alcohol.

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